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Probably the most important thing for a designer to learn and master.

Listen to your client. What do they want, what do they like, what do they need. Direct your design for specific target groups, environments or applications. Be flexible and open. Execute approved designs using technologies befitting clients needs.

Sounds simple enough right... Well very few designers or full blown agencies for that matter are actually capable of keeping an objective, ever flexible mind thru execution to make their clients satisfied. Way to often overinflated egos or plain lack of ability creates unnecessary hurdles and frictions.

Yes I can!

While that’s great to hear. Is it really true?

In todays world everyone with a computer calls themselves a web designer. You as a client however can easily determine if the person or persons in front of you actually understands and get what it is you are looking for and have the expertise and broadness to take their design skills into any area you want to go. Finally... A programmer, an illustrator, a graphic artist... are not web designers! Different mediums and for some, even different parts of the brain. There are plenty of programmers, but you will have a much tougher time finding a real web or interactive designer who really know what they are doing.

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Patrik founded his own multimedia company in 2005 after 17 years of working for prestigious multimedia agencies in Stockholm, Chicago & Miami. He is an expert in usability, design and form, with particular emphasis on grass roots company branding, online presence & development.

Patrik has worked with clients such as: McDonalds, FritoLay, Walmart, United Airlines, USPS, Nokia, Motorola, NCL & BOSCH, utilizing a wide range of applications for both web, print and video. Patrik has degrees in fine art and advertising. Apart from running his own design studio, Patrik is also a partner in two other marketing agencies where he plays an active role.

Patrik Garde

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